International Symbol of Access - Wikipedia   Accessibility at Restore Wellbeing

Providing accessible services to our community is incredibly important to us at Restore Wellbeing. We are aware that being situated upstairs in an old building is not ideal and makes access very difficult for some people and impossible for others. Our practitioners will always try to find an alternative solution if our location is not accessible for you or your Whānau. 

Here are some ways we may be able to provide you easier access to our services. 

  • Home visits
  • Virtual consultations using phone, skype, zoom.
  • Alternative clinic use with appropriate accessibility
  • Referral to another trusted professional where access is better. 

If you would like to use our services, but are unable to visit our clinic due to accessibility issues, please reach out to the Practitioner that you would like to work with and we will see if we can find a solution. 

Ngā Mihi